AQC Premium

AQC is a private brand of Motor World Group. we have put our wide automotive experience in launching AQC brand. You can find wide variety of products under AQC brand. We mainly focus on distributing aftermarket auto parts for Korean & Japanese vehicles. AQC is the true meaning of safety. Every item in AQC will carry 1 year warranty.


Made In Korea

CTR is very specialized in Suspension and Steering parts which has very important function in conformability and safety in driving cars. CTR is OE supplier. all around the world.


Made In Korea

GMB is the worlds largest designers and producers of automotive products. GMB universal joints, Water Pumps, tension idler ,Bearing. All products are engineered, designed and built utilizing the strictest design and manufacturing guidelines, with the finest quality assured as OEM. The GMB brand is recognized globally for offering the finest automotive parts available.